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> Lol, perhaps I should make an alternative game where Saffron 'misses' the accident and it's just the girls and boys at school. (I was joking, but I wonder if I shouldn't now... >_>

As soon as I saw this, I went YES!

The accident was indeed a plot twist, and what came after it is interesting on itws own, but I can't help but wonder: what it would be like if it never happened? (I was really looking forward to getting to know Susan and wondering why you can't romance Malody, and then... yeah.)

It would be a different genre altogether, but I'd like to see that happen too.

I'm not completely done with the demo yet (and I'm immensely enjoying it so far!), but my head is swarmed with what-if's and I can't help it.

I know it would be a whole another game and would take time on its own, but I see so many amazing things that can happen this way...

Ah, sorry, I got carried away a bit. I'm rooting for this game so much, can't wait to get my hands on the full version!

As I understand, you'll become more concentrated on it once you finish Heaven's Grave, right?

As soon as I had the idea of the 'sequel' I couldn't stop thinking about the direction I would like to take it. But, that said, I should probably finish the first game before I even consider anything more. ^_^

I'm glad to hear you're looking forward to it  and, yes, it will become my main focus after Heaven' Grave is released in a few weeks. 

I should begin updating the devlog again in August for a more up-to-date look at the progress. ^_^

Thanks for playing