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Why would i? Personaly game maker is faster and easyer to me.

update it or something, the loading screen looks like it's back from 2005

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What can you do. Im trying my best ok? And in my opinion it does what it needs to do so i dont think i will change it right now.(Maybe in the future tho? idk). Also how was the game were there any problems or did you just quit instantly after seeing the generation screen?

nope, did it to level 10
the only problems are broken rotation (can't turn off antialiasing, eh?) and unprecise collisions

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Idk! Im not a pro! And the antialiasing should be turned off if im thinking of the right thing. Also what rotation are you talking about? Please elaborate. And all the hitboxes should be squares if i didnt mess up (i did in fact mess up a bit and i understood it just now) (and now if you were talking about the rocket launcher then thats all i messed up). If youre talking about enemies stuck in walls then its my bad cuz thats because the walls dont form instantly but with a little random delay.