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Thanks for noting the typo - it'll be fixed in the next version, but as you said probably won't merit a release itself.

Still having to fight Orris and Ayreen is intentional - just because it was the least messy way to handle things so that events after the sequence weren't affected.

The cut-in animations staying for Lowjatar is also intentional - seeing as it's part of Zasaroja and Iustirho's shared 'dream', and includes Orris in its physical body. I was also thinking of adding a cut-in of Telwas for one skill because he's related to it as well, but Mapira has nothing to do with him and he doesn't fight - having it be triggered with Analgesic Mist at the beginning of the fight could work, but starting a fight with two back-to-back cut-ins for a healing skill seemed like weird pacing.