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i tried redownload the newest edition and switched the side i played first and still im stuck at the yellow hair zasaroja when she is steping into the stair and bug when i reach the light(end of map) also game reset the side u finished after the bug. 

That isn't actually an error.

After it 'resets', just keep going.

i tried again and i managed to get something useful?

script b line 1622 NoMethodError occurred undefined method item something. hope they help with how to fix this. feels bad cant see the ending cuz this 

Yes, that isn't an actual error - it's the intended path, and part of the ending.

Don't close the game, and just keep going when the opening plays again.

oh wow this game.... i was not expecting this ending at all. so brilliant. i thought this was just a fap and go but the story, plot and detail in it. just well done 9999999/100 game