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Ok finally gotten the game to work on Firefox instead. Its a cool and fresh game for sure so you did nail the main concepts workings of your game and I think there are some places where this game can improve.

  1. You could specify which arrow to click in the first part of the tutorial (the bottom part of the game view also had an arrow so I kept clicking that) or just change the symbol to circle or something.
  2. Give the option to remove the turret or imps placed in the kingdom. I accidentally placed some turrets in places I didn't want it and that caused me to lose a bunch of times.
  3. You could also randomize at which horizontal lane the wave will arrive instead of having them come at the same place again and again when you repeat the game but I think its fine for this game just a point to think off in your next game.
  4. Add some animations. Since your using 8bit artwork it shouldn't be hard to add some animations in them. Animations makes your game feel alive and without them it feels a bit dead no matter how much features you add.

 Try out Balmung its a great 8 bit game and one of the best tic-80 games and should give you better idea on how to improve your game. I don't know why its not popular despite it being fully functional Zelda like game.