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Was a neat horror game.

The style and sound were good, but that was all I kinda enjoyed.

Can't say it was my cup of tea, I'm not really a fan of the 'sit in one spot while you shine a flashlight on things in your room to stop them from attacking you while at the same time managing your anxiety levels' type of game and the screenshots and description made me think that I'd be moving around a house or something.

Sure this one has the added baby in the room that needs to cry every 30 seconds, but without still being able to freely use the flashlight while your out of bed, it's just another thing to manage and feels like that's the only reason for the free roaming, which makes it a little less free, making it feel like every other game where you sit in bed and shine a flashlight on things in your room.

Also on that, kept getting stuck on objects in the room while going to comfort the baby, since i'd just get up facing the wrong direction and couldn't see which way to go to get free (gee if only there was some sort of device that I was holding just a second ago that could illuminate the area and let me move in the correct direction to get unstuck).

Anyways, I'm sure fans of the horror subgenre this one fits under will enjoy it, I just can't. Made a video anyway, hope you enjoy!