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Ohhh nice little concept. Gotta tell you I feel extremely cheated by the fact that restarting will immediately dock you a life point. But besides that this was a fun little challenge to take on and complete. Admittedly though I probably would have given up if the bottom of the screen wasn't pretty much safe from Yuyu. I think a lot of it comes from the fact that she's so fast and darty while your shots take a bit of time to go across the screen, it makes it hard to have to focus 24/7 instead of being able to infer where the enemy is for a bit without looking, given that that's a very big point in this game. Alternatively, it might be interesting to, instead of having them both draw from the same life pool, have hitting her have bad danmaku consequences like Rin's zombie fairies. Anyway, that's some stuff to think about. I liked playing this!

Argh, I didn't think this through when mapping the buttons for trying again. It's possible to do it by pressing "Enter" or "R" which will not make Youmu shoot though, if that helps ^^'
I realized towards the end that many of the design choices I took for granted for a normal danmaku simply do not work with the concept of "don't hit the boss", but it was too late in development to make any meaningful changes... So I let the player have an advantage by making the bottom and top of the screen "safe" during the first phase. Otherwise the fight was just impossible :x
Ooh, nice idea. Additional attacks to dodge instead of directly losing a life seems more interesting indeed ^^

Thanks for your comment, it gives me a lot to think about!