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I can't for the life of me get GameMaker to run. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my computer, running as admin, basically everything I can think of. Anyone else experience this problem, or have any idea how to solve it?

Oh no ): !! I'm not too familiar with GM but I'm gonna ask a few questions that might help point to the answer for others. What operating system are you running + version of gamemaker? Does the program launch anything or not at all?

Oh right, that would have probably helped. Oops.

OS: Windows 7

GameMaker Studio 1.4

Also I'm on a laptop with an integrated graphics chip, which shouldn't affect anything but who knows.

The program just doesn't launch. I don't get a splash screen or anything. My computer does the whole 'thinking' cursor thing for maybe a second and then nothing happens. There isn't even a process or application to kill from the task manager.

Right now I'm trying to uninstall anything that I newly installed (mainly other game making engines because I wanted to tool around for a bit with a few to find the right fit).

Hmm I looked around GM forums a bit and maybe try this or look down this thread for some possible solutions.

Decided to get it through Steam and it worked, instantly, with no fuss. So there's a work around if anyone else needs it.

Tried with steam after the regular download wasn't working. Keep getting errors time and time again. Just thought I'd add my two cents. Happy developing!