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Hey y'all. I've done a couple game jams before using Unity3D, but nothing turned out as a finished project. I'm happy to attempt to help with newer developers.

I usually tend to lurk around places and never say anything, but I'm trying to break that habit and reach out, connect, and make friends with other developers. This is a pretty important step for me.

Goals for this game jam:

  • Finish a small game.
    • Needs to have title screen
    • Win state (once you win, you should be able to play the game again without exiting program)
    • Clear controls and instructions for player
  • Make a schedule/deadlines so I can push my progress along
    • Complete idea/design by X date,
    • Complete controls by X date,
    • Complete one level by X date,
    • Etc..
  • Reach out and talk with other developers.
    • Make at least one friend/acquaintance
    • Publicly document/show my progress of my development
    • Have a presence in some type of game development community

If anyone is interested in connecting with me, send me a message/reply/something. Maybe we can connect and both grow as developers.