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A worth while playing. It was cute and short! For the first game you made this was not bad. It's actually nice! Also add some music to the game. It's really was silence when I played it! :). Also Good Job on your first game! :3

I hope you won't mind if I upload the gameplay of this game in my youtube channel!

Thank You for the game!

Keep Up the Good Work!

Hi, thanks so much for playing my game! I took your advice actually and added some sounds to my game! 

Also, I took a peek at your channel and I love all the games you play! I hope you also keep up the good work! Thanks again for supporting me.

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Thanks for watching! :D , I'm sorry if the text on my video, of this game was to fast! I didn't expect to be that fast! Sorry! :( By the way nice job putting some sound! :3 Ones again keep up the good work!