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I love all of these so much!!! I love the artwork in water garden and the idea of making a where's waldo in bitsy and the awesome effect of the world spins and all of snow day 2 and the patterns in flying over Indiana in jenny's plane and OH MY GOD FISH TANK IS SO COOL and the creativity of cat attacks and the awesome artwork in flight and the fun of slowly revealing the world in secret worm party and the coolness of mirrors and the prettiness and calmness of rainstorm on a lotus pond and the everything of zen garden and now this comment is way too long. Lol. Anyways, this arcade is amazing and I love it!!

Oh, wow, I am so happy that you liked these! Hooray! Making these little worlds in Bitsy really helped make my own "little world" of covid lockdown seem less scary, so it makes me doubly happy that you have also gotten some enjoyment from it :D!