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Love the concept.  Was it inspired by the pop song ilomilo? It's based on a puzzle game of the same name, about two characters trying to reunite.  A lot of its lines are going for the same kind of feelings that this game is.

Regarding the gameplay, my one major complaint is about what happens once you find the exit.  If you find it right away, the level is free and easy and you just have to take a while walking everyone there.  If you find it once everyone's low, then it's a very long slog to walk them all over.

Thanks! No, it wasn't and I've never played the game but I can see why you might think that.

Yeah, you're right - it's not ideal. The game should probably have a way of judging the levels it generates so it can reject ones where it's likely to take very few or an excessive amount of turns to find the exit. This is definitely something I'd want to look into if I develop the game any further but I didn't have time to do this for the jam.