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Thanks for so much feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to help me improve the game. :) If you have any more thoughts you would like to share in the future, you can join the community boards where there are different sections prepared for bugs, feedback, and general discussion.

The crash that happened on death was hotfixed in the most recent version yesterday. There might still be one case related to ranged weapons that may cause rare crashes, but I'll hunt it down soon.

In the current alpha version, there are enemies and abilities up to level 13, even though the world is quite significant in size. I also noticed the leveling could be a bit faster to get to more options quicker. I think I'll speed it up with the time when the world will get even bigger and more abilities will become available to pick up. Special, named minibosses like Magnus and Owlking give significantly more experience than regular enemies, so you could level up quicker by taking more risk.

I agree the crafting could use some improvements. It's possible to create magic items by crafting, but it is luck (and intelligence stat) based. It could probably use some tweaking to be more rewarding, I'll look into improving it.

Thanks again for such detailed feedback and hope you'll have a lot more fun with the game. :)