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Can anyone help me. Im Stuck.

After i deafeated first castle then go to first town after some dialog there. i didnt know what to do anymore. 

can anyone tell me what should i do ?

also i just reach 30 week then its game over

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heya, make an account to help random stranger.

this game have several game over trigger.

when answering the twin question:

you should choose federal instead of might because the twin will plot to kill you after 2 week.
(both of them is technically stronger than rowan)

choosing federal hereditary will allow the twin to bestow knighthood to rowan and avoid game over.

now you are champion of blackwell castle !

you need to raze your hometown at the beginning of the game to avoid game over.

for current release you only need to capture heylena to avoid game over and you are free to do what you want.

also make sure rowan wife a.k.a alexa don't hate you.

choosing to hate rowan when playing as alexa will trigger game over screen.

cuckold is fine, cuckold scene also help unlock extra scene for any 3-some of husband wife pair + 1 extra person (maid/rowan personal assistance).

you should explore every single piece of land to unlock optional scene.

make sure you save the game before any text show up, because this game have RNG roll for most stuff.

edit: opening rowan status panel will allow you to assign point, you can get point from training inside orc camp somewhere on north.

stats point will help you a lot for RNG roll.

edit2: make sure blackwell castle earn gold instead of losing gold, because it's obvious you will get fired by the twin for incompetency.