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you should read development log.
it just right above comment section.

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Search For cave,
they are gold source income.

don't Manage captive/prisoner.
it can be annoying if you don't know how to manage slave.

guaranteed to trigger if you move on every tile of the map.
(Use Save/load if you find Random Event because most of them have RNG roll)

List Of  Map Event i remember:

1. Vanilla Rowan x wife (need to be nice to his wife)
2. Sabbath witch
3. Sorcerer
4. Stalked by beast
5. Beast VS sabbath witch (need to meet both sabbath and beast)
6. The WIsp
7. the fairy and the sissy
8. Witch orgy (i think it's different witch from sabbath witch)
9. Mother Nature VS angry Mob

list of fixed location event:
1. orc camp
2. Abbot and the succubus (CG not available yet)
3.  Temple Guard (No CG, it's only convince a dude to survive)
4. Village Prostitution
5. first time on capital

and what ever event you can find in the castle.

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Requirement to finish Orc Camp Quest:
* you need to do raid more than few times
(you can do this by searching the camp until you get an option to raid)
* corrupt or Convince the captive (lady) with present.
(depends on which camp you support)
(Rival for warchief need corruption route, WarChief route need hunt for present, Orc lady Camp need more peaceful approach)
*Speak with the leader of Camp after Doing the requirement.
(Each Camp have different requirement as i stated.)

Most Scene have Dice roll/ RNG roll which will shown somewhere corner of the screen.

*meet Warchief
*Search Camp for raid/hunt option (Repeat if fail)
*Raid the orc camp (do it few times, failure doesn't count)
* hunt for present (do it few times, failure doesn't count)
* sneak into the lady hut (repeat if fail to sneak inside)
*convince her the orc Warchief is nice
* Speak To Warchief

Ending: now they love each other and you got an army of orc.

hunting for present will trigger this roll whet ever it's success or not, Save/load might be very useful.

Orc Camp Scenario is already Completed, developer might add more CG later if they want to.
but it's already complete as far as i know.
and there is 3 route for the orc camp.

in short :
Bluffing the orc guard to let you meet their leader (RNG roll)
choose side (you only can choose if they allow you to meet their leader)
kill whoever stand in your way
convince the human lady to do your bidding in anyway you deem fits.
Epilogue (Ending Scene for orc camp event)

Side Side Quest:
*Search for Orc hermit
*getting trained by orc hermit
*you gain additional stats and exp (for better RNG roll)
(exp will allow you to level up and give extra point of your choice)

there is 2 option when you capture the fort,
take helayna as your prize and she is belong to rowan.
let the twin have her.

letting the twin have her will cause her to escape no matter what (alexa will help her escape in case rowan doesn't help)

taking helayna as yours will give another route to train her as knight or the other things.

i think the developer will add disable NSFW content after finishing the game.

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you should check orc camp in the north and recapture human prisoner inside orc camp because they are trying to escape.

there is 3 result for helayna, escape , rowan slave, rowan personal knight.

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heya, make an account to help random stranger.

this game have several game over trigger.

when answering the twin question:

you should choose federal instead of might because the twin will plot to kill you after 2 week.
(both of them is technically stronger than rowan)

choosing federal hereditary will allow the twin to bestow knighthood to rowan and avoid game over.

now you are champion of blackwell castle !

you need to raze your hometown at the beginning of the game to avoid game over.

for current release you only need to capture heylena to avoid game over and you are free to do what you want.

also make sure rowan wife a.k.a alexa don't hate you.

choosing to hate rowan when playing as alexa will trigger game over screen.

cuckold is fine, cuckold scene also help unlock extra scene for any 3-some of husband wife pair + 1 extra person (maid/rowan personal assistance).

you should explore every single piece of land to unlock optional scene.

make sure you save the game before any text show up, because this game have RNG roll for most stuff.

edit: opening rowan status panel will allow you to assign point, you can get point from training inside orc camp somewhere on north.

stats point will help you a lot for RNG roll.

edit2: make sure blackwell castle earn gold instead of losing gold, because it's obvious you will get fired by the twin for incompetency.