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i cant play..?

 Try downloading webGL to your system, or try downloading unity web player and restart your browser.


use chrome because Firefox or Opera does not recognize webGL.

What do you see? Does the game not load (and if so, do you see a loading bar), or does it load but can't you play for another reason?

i just doesnt load. like ill press the launch button and it will start loading for a second and then stop and the game wont come up. ever.

Hm, alright, thanks for your description! I've not seen this before. What browser are you using? Are you using any special browser extensions? And could you try pressing Ctrl+Shift+J to open the developer console and copy/screenshot any errors you see there?

trust me, im positive everything is in order :(

Alright, I'm afraid I can't help you then :(

thank u so much for trying tho! i mean it xx