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Incredibly satisfying gameplay, the atmosphere, sound effects and visuals are all reminiscent of the early 2010's and late 2000's which i adore personally, It plays like Umihara Kawase only much more fluid, i can't wait to see this finished, it's already great to begin with. I feel the theme of the levels should change after a bit, like sections although i wouldn't be surprised if you've already had that in mind, either way good luck on this, it's super fun.

Such a nice comment! Thank you :)

I'm planning to only add one last theme for the complete game. I think that'll be enough. You're right though; Currently, about 80% of levels have the same theme, even though there's 3 themes in the demo... It's partly because the current platform types I have were made specifically for the swamp theme. It should be more evenly divided in the final game for sure!