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This is a really cool and interesting little game. The graphics are nice to look at, the music is creepy and weird, and the games story is a nice little change from the normal "your all that's left." I really like how this game takes a common theme but adds it's own mystery behind it. You awaken not knowing what happened or why your the last person left. It's your job to determine whether humanity has finally destroyed itself. You aren't given any directions except simply explore to find your way through. Not only that but the game manages to combine nice peaceful/mournful feelings with a bit of horror and dread. I think with a little more work this game could be something really cool and unique that I look forward to playing upon release. I did a video on my experience with the prologue if anyone is interested.

HOW DID "WE" CAUSE THIS? | Lone Water Prologue

Thank you for your feedback, very well done video.