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Sorry to hear you are having this problem. However, no one else has reported this issue, so I don't think it's on our side. Even if we made a Google Drive download link, it is likely that you would encounter the same problem. Have you had this issue with any other downloads, or does it only happen with our demo?

Thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry I didnt make it clear, your Didnapper 1 download via Google drive worked very well for me and that's why I was directed to this demo. It happens to other games at It seems its server doesnt adapt our region well.

it gonna be very helpful to me if u can make Google Drive links :p

Okay, I see! Thanks for letting us know. Are you using a Mac or a PC?

Mine is Windows, thx!

Okay, try this:

Hopefully that works for you!

Soo kind of you for the special offer, it works. playing  :p