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I already bought the original of this game so I thought I could go through the buying process again to get the voiced version for free without logging in first. Turns out that was a pretty dumb mistake... is there any possible way for me to get a refund? I'm so sorry for any inconveniences caused due to my dumb mistake...

Just go to your download page where you got the other versions from and download the newest version, I bought one of the earliest versions too and it worked like that for me.

But the thing is I already bought it. I already spent the money on it when I didn’t have to... 

ohhhh you bought it 2x?

Yep, that’s correct. I mean, if I can’t get a refund then so be it. But it’s still worth asking about anyway.

I've spoken to the devs their really nice and understanding, I think you'd get your refund when they check here you could also try emailing or their twitter gl  : )  

I’ll try their twitter then. Thank you!