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Around here there should be a lot of advise on unlocking CG's

I know when the game was still coming out the devs said they were working on a guide that they could sell but now apparently it doesn't exist? I'm sorry to say I don't have a guide for you but I think if you go back about 10 months in the main pages comments, it was very active back then because the game was just released and I think you can find a lot of help there. There should be people asking how to unlock some CG's and also answer's and possibly screenshots of CG's you might not have.

hmm it depends on the CG like Toru and his cat costume CG for example you need to buy the cat costume and in the CG he's a submissive bottom so you make him a bottom and make sure u click the heart button and then you should unlock the CG, I'm sorry i don't remember enough to make more of a guide, but honestly just look at the CG you want and then do what the CG shows and it should work.

just re-download the game the voiced version is an update not a different thing 

I've spoken to the devs their really nice and understanding, I think you'd get your refund when they check here you could also try emailing or their twitter gl  : )  

ohhhh you bought it 2x?

Just go to your download page where you got the other versions from and download the newest version, I bought one of the earliest versions too and it worked like that for me.

Ohhhh my gowddd I'm sooo happy the final version is out!!!! Congrats guys!!!!!! and well done this game is such an amazing experience, you guys did such an incredible job and I can't wait to see more of your games and from the little info I've so far found of your next project, I'm very interested and will most likely buy it too. So again wow I'm so amazed by Seiyuu this is exactly the kind of game I've been looking for, for yeaaaaars and when I found it I immediately started following it and watched how much bigger this game has gotten since it's earlier ideas and I'm so very happy with the results. Can't wait to see your next stuff :3

A simple Auditions guide + other info

A Quick Auditions walkthrough + some tips and most asked questions

OMG I'm not the only one who wants to watch those anime!!

when you complete the main guys you unlock their cheats and Tocchan's cheat it unlocking secret characters

Ok will do thank you

Get Tocchan's best ending then use his cheat on your next playthrough then go get a job at the bar at night and work  there when you want to try see him 

Hi. I'm currently on Kaede's route and I've reached December, and I took the talk show audition but when ever the game hits the 9th December the audition just vanishes from the current auditions app and doesn't trigger on the 11th.

Ikr dubbed anime is just as bad, and then they even turn Sanji's cig into a lollipop as censorshi  like O-O wtf.

yea i saw the devs say those dates on a comment reply b4

yes you unlock different ones for everyone of the 5 main char's best ending you finish, Toru-Max personality stats, Shiba-Max VA skills, Tocchan-Unlocks the 2 secret chars, Hikaru-Max fame and Shuu-Max money

even after becoming lovers with one of a character and filling the 2nd heart there's still a lot of scenes with them usually their background and feelings about it and a choice you make that till lead to the best ending or bad ending if you win the award and if you dont win then you will get the good ending and the bad ending i think depending on your choice, except for Toru you need to win for both the bad and best endings 

so far there arent any patches you need to download the full game again and there have been about 3 updates since release fixing bugs and stuff

or you can use the hands in foreplay mode on his mouth 3 times to get him to suck haato's fingers

you need to become friends with Hikaru and then you will get messages to let you meet him on specific dates 

16 June, 3 July, 16 August, 16 September, 16 October 

hmmmm I think you get the scene at the VA school or maybe the Agency? Not too sure lol  I forgot

The dog costume that the love hotel bear will offer you one day while ur visiting Shiba the next day visit him again and u should get the scene 

well it was my first playthrough so maybe i didn't realize how it all worked or that i forgot a day to visit him instead of lvling something 

do the quest to feed cats and dogs but dont use the wish then talk to the guy and say you'll wish for him, go back to shrine maiden and wish for him to have a boyfriend 

I'm not the only one who keeps trying to use ESC and right mouse button *--*

while he's on a date with the girl at the mall go to the mansion to find the white haired one and talk to her

the lonely guy at the shrine you do the quest to feed the cats and dogs but dont take a reward from her then go talk to him and say you'll wish for him to have a boyfriend then go back to the shrine maiden and click that option 

I was thinking that I should just try to add the dates where auditions become available and when they are on my auditions guide so that people can see before they skip. Just adding it all to the calendar might just make it look super messy and possibly overwhelming, although it could be done so that after the first play through there could be a filtering option on the calendar that could show audition dates and availability, but that might be a lot of work for the devs.

good luck with that :3

I think both 1 and 2 would be a good idea, even if you can only skip after meeting them, than there should still be a warning that you could miss important things like birthdays, special date events etc.

Also it doesn't take too long to meet them all, so not being able to skip until you have met them might help give people set up their play through and think about some things before getting overzealous about skipping.

To be honest I would love a skipping option. Sometimes I get to a point where I have maxed the lovers heart, unlocked most of the cut scenes, done all the side quests and reached superstar level but it's still weeks/days till something interesting happens. Especially now that I'm doing Keade's route got his last cut scene in May, I have no idea what I'm going to do after I reach superstar level.

It also might be a good idea to only make the skipping option available after your first playthrough.

I don't know if their always reading everything but if i do see more issues like this ill try to officially report it. Maybe they are working on it just didn't really tell anyone, could be fixed in the next update.

yes u need to bribe him first, but you'll get your money back if you do the cinema guards quest

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loooool that does sound fun

yea I confessed to Shiba, Shuu and tocchan but never got the option for Toru

uhmmm i got it one day at a cut scene some events only trigger once in a blue moon, so keep spending time with him and the bear will show up randomly and offer the dog costume for 20k then spend a day with Shiba again and scene will/should be triggered

I've noticed that too that you have to visit them on each day of the week every time you unlock a new friendship level sometimes tho a cut scene only triggers a week or 2 later, also i only managed to become lovers with Toru in August as well, had him stuck on full heart and last bit of star since May or June, dunno if Toru's route you only become lovers with him after the holidays because its a bug or it's just because of his personality and background story 

tbh I was stuck on the last bit from around April or May all the way till after the fireworks festival, dunno if that's a bug or because of his past and personality but when i think about it Toru confessed to me but i don't think \I ever got the choice to confess to him 

It's so gory and dark af but still really interesting and I think worth playing sadly tho to get the true good ending you need to get all the other endings

i like happy ending's too *o*......... i think Nitro+  hates them tho, u ever played sweet pool?  there's like no happy, only 1 kind of happy out of 6 other bad