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Something like this? (for a campaign based on the STALKER games/Annihilation)

The Guide: A sharpshooter and guide, expert in leading others through the Zone.

Hunt 2, Survey 1

Safari Guide: Command 1, Skirmish 1, Consort 1, Prowl 1, Herding Kittens

Sniper: Prowl 2, Skirmish 1, Survey 2, Sharpshooter

Field Researcher: Study 2, Survey 2, Finesse 1, Survivor

Trophy Hunter: Skirmish 2, Prowl 2, Mutant Hunter

Friends and Enemies:

Old Gregg, a dangerous mutant: an honored foe, or unfinished business?

Todt, a technician

Barnaby, the outfitter

Gallup, the artifact fence

Hester, big mutant hunter


Fine rifle or shotgun (2) for +1 load add any 2: silenced, high capacity, automatic, scoped

Fine sidearm (1), add 1: scoped, high capacity, silenced, high caliber

Fine binoculars with night vision (1)

Maps, charts, and navigational gear with known anomalies marked (0)

Ghillie suit (2)

Specialized ammunition (1)

Sharpshooter: you can push yourself to do one of the following: make a ranged attack far beyond normal distance for your weapon, or hit a weak spot for Potency

Scout: when you gather info to locate a target, +1 effect. When you hide using camouflage +1d to avoid detection.

Herding Kittens: When leading a group action in stealth or to examine dangerous terrain and anomalies, take 1 less stress from failures. Additionally, you may use two 6s that appear on separate rolls as a Critical Success.

Focused: you may use your special armor to resist a consequence from surprise or the environment, or to push yourself for ranged combat or tracking.

Survivor: you are immune to the poisonous miasma and radiation of the Zone and can subsist on the strange flora and fauna there. Additionally, +1 stress box.

Mutant Hunter: You gain +1d when resisting harm from mutants, and treat all Harm as one level lower in general. Level 4 Harm is still a mortal wound, however, you can just keep going for a little while.

Cartographer (requires 2 advances): +1d to engagement rolls and gather information checks when visiting familiar territory. Additionally, gain this XP trigger: gain XP when the need to map territory and anomalies causes complications.