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Thanks for the game! FWIW, in the dev forum Panic seemed receptive to my idea of an SDK function to do a full relaunch of the current game. They said they wanted to also have a way to pass a little message along to the next launch. Might help implement Classic mode in future?


Yeah, I think it's definitely worth implementing a true "restart current app" type thing to ease re-initialization. 

It would be trivially easy for me to pass along the relevant config info (just write/load the settings to/from a file).

I think you might be able to implement it today using Basically you make the first step of your app to be load a pdz for the actual game. If you specified an explicit context var for `_G` for the pdz I think you could subsequently re-run again with a clean context and the first global context would get garbage collected away. 

Mostly it's been a learning experience reminding me global variables and variables created at lua import are the devil (unless they are effectively `<const>`). Especially in something like Lua where it's easy to hold onto stale references forever.