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Really great graphics, and I like the gameplay idea a lot, I think it has a lot of potential.

I think the abilities need more balance and work though, there's a lot of situations you'll lose that you have no control over. Like:

  • Spawning on a floor next to a ghost
  • Teleport putting you into a bad situation
  • Teleport 1 killing you outright (land on ghost/wall)
  • Chaos causing the ghost to randomly move into you next turn

Just in general there's not a lot of ways to actually make the ghosts walk into each other unless they happen to spawn in a way that makes that happen. Your control there is very limited. So you're hoping for good RNG with the ghosts so you can get some extra mana early on to access the more powerful spells.

Thank you for your helpful feedback!

As you mentioned, this game has too many random elements and too few things the player can do. I would like to make this game more like a puzzle game.

  • Add more definitive magic
  • Add enemy's action pattern
  • Create an environment that can be used to defeat enemies ... ?

; )