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I completed a run, and my thoughts so far:

Playing with 4 characters is neat and the "party" feel that brings is cool.

Moving in a line like this leads to some weird snaking decisions. I found myself often rolling through WASD in sequence, to coil myself, much like a smaller, defending snake would in a game like That isn't necessarily a problem, aside from the rather uncomfortable input when done repetitively. As I was doing it, I found myself thinking "This would be better on a controller or if my party followed my mouse movement"

Ranged enemies spawning just outside the map was pretty cool, but then I ended up with health pots outside the map and that was a feels bad (hopefully those 2 unattainable health pots didn't adversely affect the number of health pots I'd been dropped throughout the rest of the run)

The font, while a nice stylistic choice, tripped me up a couple of times where I was wondering "Was that 2.2 or 22?" etc.

I'd like to see cooldowns, even if just a percentage tracked filling an icon rather than a hard ticking number, for my abilities going off. It would allow for better pathing decisions and prevent me from walking over a health pot right before my heal pops and ultimately goes to waste.

I'd like level tracking on like powerups. "I've got X vs Y choice here but I don't remember how many times I've done one or the other" was something I ran into frequently.

Similarly, I'd appreciate seeing numbers during ability selection. "Increase Sword damage by 25% (InsertNewDamageHere)" or "Reduce Heal Cooldown by 5% (InsertNewCooldownHere)"

The sword and knife icons having the same color palette led me to spend the first 10 minutes or so thinking that they were duplicates and at one point I was bummed that 2 classes shared a weapon. Perhaps play with the color of one to better distinguish them?

Noah! Thanks for the awesome feedback dude! Really appreciate it.