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I've been curious about solo journaling games for a while, but really hesitant to dive in. Punchcard Memories was a really great gateway to the genre. Initially, I felt anxious because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to make this about my real lived experience or create some science fiction reality, but after actually getting into the journaling I really appreciated the system's flexibility. The author was super accommodating with me when I reached out a couple of times, which is great. In the independent game space I feel like you buy into a creator more than just a specific system. I especially appreciated that Punchcard Memories accommodates for what I call "dad mode": playing/journaling for five to fifteen minutes whenever you have time. As long as you have a table that doesn't get a lot of use, you could do long term journaling indefinitely. Ultimately, I was the most pleased with how the journaling prompts got me in touch with myself and the things that matter. While writing about my kids being with me during a hypothetical upload into a camping lantern, I reflected on how they would react to such a solemn moment. It was really neat to think of the ways my young kids are already so different and how much I feel I already know about them. I appreciate that Punchcard Memories provided me that opportunity. Great game. I highly recommend it.

Full disclosure: I provided a gratis copy of the game to Koala Bear Swamp.