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It doesn't seem to be working. I press F1 and all it does is not allow me to move the camera with WASD. Can't move my sim at all. I can't find the in-game menu either. I have the most recent update of the game: This mod is such an awesome idea, btw!

I do have the script file and package file in my mod folder. I did not see any kind of dialog for the mod when I started the game

Have you allowed mods and script files in your options ingame?

Sorry for the late response, but yes I did because I have other mods installed.

I can second this. I've deleted my whole folder and only put your mod, Same thing happens.

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As stated on the mod page: "The Sims 4 Direct Controls is built on the patch v1.52.100 (June 2019) and doesn't work in previous versions of the game."

Game version is unsupported. The mod will not work on this version. Update your game via Origin.