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Hello Cactus Juice
Thank you for the feedback - it's always so nice to hear from people who are excited for the game and I'll certainly let the artists know you're enjoying the fruits of their hard work, too. ^_^

Ha, setting it in the UK was actually a nice break for me.
I've set two games in the US now, and I have to get my proofreaders to really check over the slang I'm using and the way things are phrased, so at least this time I'm much more certain of myself.

Hmm, as for release dates... Well, I'm working on Heaven's Grave at the moment, but I hope to have that published in the next few weeks. 

Then for the rest of July (and this might be TMI, sorry...) I'm helping my parents plan their wedding, lol.

Apparently, twenty or so years together was long enough for them to decide this is the 'Real Deal', and they're tying the knot!

So I'll be starting work again on BFF at the beginning of August, and I would like to have it published by the end of October.

Come August, I'll start posting up devlogs etc, so anyone interested should have a better idea of how progress is going.

I hope that helps with the waiting ^_^

Many thanks for playing