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I made an account just to give my support and review! I don't know when I played the demo but it was a year or two ago, I think. I was instantly hooked to the storyline and played without stopping until I realized I downloaded a demo... (YES I DIDN'T REALIZE SORRY FOR MY FOOLISH MIND HAHAHA) But then I realized the full version would be pay to play. And honestly, I didn't have money then but I vowed that once the full version came out I would pay for it! Now, it 's still in developing and I have earned myself my own money >_< AND I WILL STILL BE PAYING FOR THE FULL VERSION TO PLAY!! I can't wait for the full version ohmegerd! I just love the concept of being able to control two characters at one! I feel like a good sister choosing the right choice for Melody lolol. The art is beautiful, the storyline is immersive, and the characters are likable and relatable. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!! I'm just wondering is there a platform other than here for me to follow on your updates? I really want to purchase your game as soon as you've completed it to perfection... >_<  I'm even re-downloading the demo just so I can play what I can once more! Keep up to good work and thank you for your efforts!!!!

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Hello raiel777

Thank you for making an account to leave feedback - I appreciate everyone who takes the time to let me know what they think of the demo.

And your story about realising it was a demo and then earning the money made me laugh - it really has been too long since I began this game! ^_^

I'm glad you like the art and story elements and, to be honest, I'm really looking forward to working on the game again, too. Writing about the girls' daily lives at school makes me so nostalgic, lol. 

I post my most regular updates here on itch, so though I have a Facebook and tumblr accounts, if you are following me here, I doubt you will miss anything.

Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, I plan to begin working on BFF again this August with a planned release in October, so expect lots more devlogs detailing our progress once August arrives.

Many thanks for playing

Oh then it won’t be a long wait then! Time flies past these days haha! I just finished playing the demo again and fell in love with it all over again~~ I cant wait for August to come and look forward to playing the full version once it’s finished! All the best and great job so far!! ( ¯꒳¯ )b✧