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Hello. Thanks for answering and especially for creating this funny game. YES, it really would make sense to add one in future versions. Sadly it's often not possible i guess, from the time-management in daily-life of many people, to play a game continous for some hours. Then a password system, for example every 3 or 5 levels would really make sense.

Hope that you will go on making puzzle- or brain-games for the Mega-Drive, cause there are not soooo many on this system, when i compare it for example, to the SNES. The Super-NES had alot of good puzzlers which are similar to Dr. Mario, Puyo Puyo, Puzzle Bobble (Bust a Move). These genre of games, i sometimes miss a little bit on the Megadrive. There are a few i know, but much less than on the SNES.