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I was taken it by the interesting premise, but this game ultimately falls flat.

In terms of choice structure, the ten questions seemed like a good idea to constrict choice, but the replayability value is low, given that certain reporter questions are barred behind information you pick (or don't pick). In addition to this, certain information items are barred behind other information items. I replayed the game several times, but things did not change.

A third of the game is taken up by a (seemingly) irrelevant sex scene. There was no choice to prevent this scene from taking place. Given that I am not a homosexual, this sex scene actively detracted from my enjoyment of the visual novel.

I acquired two different endings to the game, but they were largely the same. They were based on whether or not I had aroused suspicion during the conference, but it didn't change matters.

Ultimately, if I were to make my criticism constructive, it seems like too much focus was given to the relationship between the clone main character and his gay husband. However, I do not understand why the main character would bother working through a relationship that he has little to no stake in. The character's motivations were a mystery.

If I were to play further, I'm pretty sure I would be blasted with some obvious twist, like the clone actually being the real President and the Vice President contracting the Special Agent to wipe his memory, brief him on a final speech, then assassinate him and succeed his position to restart military endeavors in China. But I just could not be bothered to finish it, given the subpar pacing apparent in the early stages.

Thank you for trying the game and for your comments, and I'm sorry it wasn't up to your expectations.

For future reference, there's a setting in preferences that allows you to disable sex scenes, as also noted on this game page under the warning about explicit gay sexual content.