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Very cool game! I find the game addictive! I played it for 20 minutes without seeing the time pass! The soundtrack is cool, with a good headset, I was able to blend in well with the game. Very cool ! I think a mobile version would be all the rage ! A small flaw I find in it is that you can't change the controls in play. My left ctrl key is broken so it's difficult to slide, I don't know the unity control configuration options well but I didn't find a key assigned to the left ctrl.

A very cool little game that keeps you busy more than just going afk on what ever game you play, haha!

Hello ! Thanks for the very kind comment ! We appreciate it :D

I worked a lot on the soundtrack, so I'm glad it pleased you ;)

Yeah we don't use the unity control configuration options, we had plans to add remap-able controls ingame, but we fell short in time... sorry !

Anyway, the feedback is really appreciated, thanks again !