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Fun little game, I enjoyed playing it even though I usually don't play this type  of games.

A few things are counterintuitive though:

The game wants you to pick up each item to listen to the voice lines associated with them. However, I easily brute-forced myself through the door with the combination lock before even realising I could listen to voice lines  by picking up the items from before again.
The secret door control mechanism (referred to as a lamp even though its made of wall) is a bit finicky too, which meant I tried the required steps at least 10 times before realising how I had to move my mouse just right that I'd pull the lever correctly. Every time I picked up the lamp though, Annabelle's voice line played again. The same thing happened when I tried to adjust the frequency of the radio a few times, every time her voice line would play again. Honestly, it scared me a few times because the voice lines are so loud.

I love the art and sound in the game though, it creates a nice atmosphere.


We are happy to hear that you had a good time even with a genre a bit out of your normal comfort! Maybe you have found something new. 

Thanks for posting your report. There are a lot of points there that we will be including in our next case review as the bureau plans their move forward. It will be very useful to us. 

Thanks once more for the compliments.