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A member registered Jun 13, 2019

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Fun little game, I enjoyed playing it even though I usually don't play this type  of games.

A few things are counterintuitive though:

The game wants you to pick up each item to listen to the voice lines associated with them. However, I easily brute-forced myself through the door with the combination lock before even realising I could listen to voice lines  by picking up the items from before again.
The secret door control mechanism (referred to as a lamp even though its made of wall) is a bit finicky too, which meant I tried the required steps at least 10 times before realising how I had to move my mouse just right that I'd pull the lever correctly. Every time I picked up the lamp though, Annabelle's voice line played again. The same thing happened when I tried to adjust the frequency of the radio a few times, every time her voice line would play again. Honestly, it scared me a few times because the voice lines are so loud.

I love the art and sound in the game though, it creates a nice atmosphere.