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This is...  completely baffling.  It's the same color as the error screen, so my best guess is that the error screen itself is also crashing, just from trying to print text?

All I can think to try is upgrading your video drivers?  But if you're on a very old or underpowered laptop, it might just not be able to load the game at all.

Unfortunately I don't think there's much I can do from my end, sorry  :(  Unless you want to spend half a day testing out modified copies of the game until I figure it out.


Nah, that's alright but thanks ^.^ I'll be upgrading my laptop for school soon anyways so i can always just come back to this game. I've tried other games made by the Love engine and the same thing happens so i think there's just something about the games made on that engine in general that my computer just cant handle for whatever reason. But thanks so much for the assistance! xoxo

Yeah, might be as simple as LÖVE wanting a more recent OpenGL version than your current laptop can handle.  Hope the new one works!  :)


Hey, I figured I'd let you know that I upgraded my laptop recently and the game is running smoothly! Thanks for your assistance earlier ^w^
Im loving the game so far btw you/ (your team?) did a great job

Hey, I'm glad, and thank you!  Hope you continue to enjoy it  :)

And it's just the two of us, but I guess you'll see that when you get to the credits!