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I've made my top 36 cut. Putting it on hold until I finish up a poetry chapbook's layout. Decided that it's better to make sure I handle porjects that both older and closer to completion.

2.3 Pounds of Hallucinating Pudding
You are pudding, maybe. And you are hallucinating, maybe. You are conscious of yourself and the world outside of yourself. You for some reason have a rad, but conceptually disgusting bio-mech.
Bio-mech that looks totally like a normal person
Potted Succulent
Anxiety <This Is A Quest Item And Cannot Be Discarded Or Sold>
Advanced Skills
3 Baristaing
2 Poetry
1 Climb
1 Run
1 Strength

1995 3/4 Ton Pickup
You're like a helpful and friendly compact car, but actually useful.
Possessions Tow hitch
Locking Truck box full of the kinda of things folks keep in truck boxes
Built tough (modest armor)
Dented front bumper (damage as large beast)
King-cab with 2 bucket seats
Bench-seat that seats three
Detailed how-to guide on your make and model
Advanced skills
3 drive
5 strength 2 car fighting

2d Girl living in a 3d World
You're not bad, but maybe you are, but you were definitely drawn that way.
Fanservice outfit
Assorted booby-traps
Microphone w/ stand
Makeup kit
Advanced Skills
3 Singing
3 Patty-cake
2 Trapmaking
You are in fact 3d now, but you are vulnerable any kind of solvents, they burn like acid. However, you incredibly hard to kill otherwise, and therefore counnt as heavily armored and do not die at <0hp unless it from solvents. You do not need use a backpack to carry gear, your cleavage is an extradimensional space. Same inventory rules apply.

Adolescent Anthropomorphic Assassin Animal
Brightly colored wrist bands and eye-mask bandanna
Assassin weapons
The number of several acceptable delivery places
Advanced Skills
3 Skateboarding
2 assassin weapon fighting
2 cooking
2 Sneak
2 Surfing
2 Swimming

Arcanotech Engineer
You are a skilled engineer. Your decades of experience with engines of all types has certainly shaped you into the person you are today. Unfortunately your last berthing has offloaded you due the ship’s doctor declaring you physically unfit for duty. Possessions
Mutated Crab-arm (as medium beast)
Advanced Skills
6 Barely comprehensible human dialect
3 Engineering
2 Strength
2 whiskey drinking
1 Bagpiping
1 Claw fighting
1 Tobacco chewing
You feel fine. Bizarre energies just don't affect you immediately and you are in denial of any mutation effects.

Astronaut, not an orc
You are told you are an orc because you arrived here through a 'magical mishap.' No one believes that you aren't an orc, but are an astronaut of the most powerful nation on your world. Or maybe they simply don't care.
Spacesuit w/ bubble helmet (light armor)
Freeze dried apple pie (3 rations)
Baseball and glove
Advanced Skills
2 Baseball
3 Beer
2 Gun Fighting
2 Run
1 Engineering
1 Shuttle Pilot

Brain in a Jar
You don't remember who you were before let alone what, or who put your brain in a jar let alone why. All you know is you have a passion for bad movies, growing fungi, and know an uncomfortable amount about the Lovecraftian Cults.
Mysterious Liquid in the Jar
Creepy Extendo arms
Pet Crabshroom
Advanced Skills
3 Mathmology
3 Underwater Basket Weaving
2 Engineering
2 Obscure B-movie Trivia
1 Lovecraftianism
1 Mycoculture
1 Golden Barge Pilot

You were an important person, once, but after your company was taken over and liquidated you found yourself a bit rootless. Which is how you found yourself here.
Power suit
'89 Cellular telephone that still works.
'90 Laptop
Fly-fishing equipment
Advanced skills
3 office software
2 bureaucracy
2 public speaking
1 drive
1 fly-fishing

You were going up, but you tripped into a hole and woke up here transformed into a gelatinous slime.
Possessions Upbeat can-do attitude
Soft and squishy body (light armor)
Advanced skills
As the businessman (it's funny to me)

Cabin boy
You may or not be a boy but everyone assumes you are because you may or many be pretending to be one to see the worlds on a golden sailed barge.
Cute sailor clothes
Locked sea chest full of disguise stuff
Advanced Skill
3 Beautician
3 Disguise
2 Swabbing
1 Flirting
-1 Grog drinking

Cannibal Space Mermaid
You're a mermaid. You're from the void that the spheres hang in and you like to eat people.
Sweet rocking instrument
How to Serve Men (+1 to cooking men)
2d6 Anarchist/Socialist Zines
Leather Jacket
Advanced Skills
6 Space Swimming
3 Wailing and rocking out
2 Baristaing
2 Cooking
1 Swimming
You can breathe the void between stars and planets. You can freely change your awesome mermaid tale into killer legs and back as needed.

You're an adorable cat-rabbit thing. You can’t really speak but you love to eat carrots.
None you're a cat-rabbit.
Advanced skills
3 starship piloting
2 pew pew fighting
4 cute
2 Run
1 Acrobatics
You transform into an interstellar warship.

Comrade Dog
You're a dog. You're also a cosmonaut. You have no hecking idea where you are, but you're still gonna have a good time.
CCCP Cosmonaut Suit w/ bubble helmet (light armor and space worthy)
Dog Communist Literature
Cosmonaut Gun (pistolet, shotgun, fusil combo, how you can use it with paws is a mystery to everyone)
Advanced Skills
1 Spaceship Piloting
3 Awareness
2 Tail Wagging
1 Gun Fighting
2 Dog Fighting
2 Dig

Cycle-riding Rodents of the Scarlet Lands You are bipedal sophant that bears a strong resemblance to common mice, only you're 6'+, muscular and have antennae. Your home world has been stripped of its resources by interplanetary capitalists and turned into a desolate wasteland. While you miss your home, you feel the call to adventure. Whether you are truly a vigilante for justice against opportunistic colonizers or not, you still crave the adrenaline rush of racing, especially on a motorcycle, an extremely unusual mount outside of the Scarlet Lands.
Chopper, or Sport bike
Mechanical limb, blocky and frizting w/ built in fusil (+2 Strength), or Sweet Shades (+2 Awareness), power cestus (as modest beast +1) & pistolet, or metal half-mask & multi-function flares (+1 to a variety things that could solved with fire)
Tool box
Advanced skills
3 Motorcycle fighting
2 percussive maintenance
2 Weapon Fighting in your specific weapons
2 Fist Fighting
1 Strength

Door to Door Salesperson That's it. You're a person who travels around selling things, like vacuums or brushes or some mundane thing. You're probably flustered at somehow ending up here, but you got sales to make.
2d6 Samples of wares
Shiny Shoes
Rolodex full of contact information of clients and vendors
Advanced Skills
2 Navigation
2 Strength
2 Sales
You always know either the shortest route to your destination OR the route with the most potential sales.

Former Watery Tart
Times have been tough. Your homeland has changed it form of government away from divine deliverance of swords to some bullshit listening to the masses. So you've left in search of adventure or at least a new land to distribute swords. Possessions
Sparkling white dress
2d6 Dehydrated swords
A bucket
Advanced Skills
2 Swimming
2 Sword Catching
1 Sword Fighting
You can breath water and can always extend an arm to the surface of a body of water regardless of the depth.

Ghost of a chicken
You are the restless soul of a chicken some brave adventurers used to check for traps
Small Beak Talons
Advanced skills
1 spooking 1 sneaking
1 chicken fighting
2 awareness

Giant Flatworm
You are a giant flatworm. Shit that's horrifying. You can exist outside of moist environments and that's even more horrifying. Despite being a flatworm, you can communicate to other people. Somehow. And I feel that might be most horrifying of all.
Penis Sword
Advanced Skills 3 Penis fighting

Kitchen Goblin Some goblins are gross murder babies. Others are gross harbingers of civilization. You? Are an artiste. Possessions Soup pot big enough sleep in
1 gallon of cooking oil Giant whisk Meat tenderizing mallet
Greasy chefs hat
How to serve man (+1 cooking people)
Advanced skills
1 cooking
1 drinking
1 swimming
3 dumpster diving

Kobold Banker
You were one of the countless clerks in the Bank. What you are under the mask matters not. You dress as a kobold and that's all that matters.
Draconic hat and mask (+1 etiquette with dragons)
Business suit
Briefcase (as club)
Merchant Scales
Advanced Skills
3 Banking
3 Run
2 Etiquette 2 Trading
1 Briefcase Fighting
1 Mathmology

Your people dwell in massive habitats made of giant trees in space. Whether or not you grew up in an actual Lagrange hab, there is a common culture. You are long, stringy, and your skin is brown to black.
Dart Gun
20 darts
Wooden Long Sword (sharp and strong as steel)
Potted Plant
Advanced Skills
3 Space Fighting
2 Awareness
2 Flitter Pilot
1 Astrology
1 Hold Breath
1 Horticulture
1 Second Sight
1 Sword Fighting

You're the result of animal experimentation, or are naturally a creature that is both cat and doglike that has been experimented on. In either case you can talk, holy shit. Possessions Eye-patch Large specimen ID tag or tattoo An over-sized barrette (damage as dagger) Advanced skills 3 hair accessory fighting 2 brooding
1 sniffing

Magical Mishap Orc
You're one of the orcs that always happens via magical oops.
BIG weapon
Animal fur loincloth
Wicked scarification Boombox
Advanced skills
3 big weapon fighting
3 strength
2 fist fighting
2 run
2 wrestling

Moon-rat Fusilier
You're a so called Moon-Rat and from a distance you could be mistaken for a human child where it not for your ears and large customized fusil. It is true that long ago your people came from a moon, but who cares. You have money to make and people to shoot. There is a rivalry between the three fellowships on how they achieve their repudiated prowess with fusils: the Order of the Blackened Hand, who will customize plasmic cores; the Jolly Fraternity of the Crosshair, who believe in picking their shots carefully; the School, who customize their fusils constantly and heavily.
Customized Fusil (+1 to Fusil Fighting and damage)
2d6 Plasmic Orbs
Wide-brimmed floppy hat complete with feather
Jaunty rapier
Cuirass of Proof (modest armor)
Advanced Skills
3 Fusil Fighting
2 Climb
2 Tunnel Fighting
1 Gunsmithing
1 Sword Fighting
1 Tinkering

You're a well-dressed aristocratic sailor of the stars. Extremely charming to anyone they perceive as being their equals or betters. All non-nautilia are servants, conveyances, or food. You are actually a small nautilus-like creature that can gain control of any headless mammalian body, preferring those of humans and similarly shaped creatures.
Opium Pipe (club)
Fan (club) or Pistolet
Fancy Dress (modest armor)
Case of Calling cards
Advanced Skills
3 Dancing
3 Etiquette
2 Gambling
2 Smoking
1 Chirurgery
1 Fan or Pistolet Fighting
1 Nautiloid Pilot
1 Pipe Fighting
You prefer to eat the organs of still living vertebrates, and can giving the proper tools attach yourself to the neck stump of any vertebrate and operate it as your own body.
You can exhale opium, or other smokeable smoke, from your pipe in a perfectly conical cloud, spending 3 Stamina and requiring all within to make a luck check vs Smoking or be struck extremely languid, slow, and essentially out of combat for about 10 minutes.

Oblivious Tourist
You're a very wealthy but clueless personage. You somehow never clue into that you are adventuring
5x starting money
Bermuda shorts
Expensive suit
Advanced Skills

Orc Exchange Student
Unlike most orcs you have arrived here voluntarily to study abroad.
Possessions School uniform
Traditional orc garb (animal fur loincloth)
Advanced skills
2 run
2 strength 1 alchemy
1 club fighting
1 cooking
1 mathmology
1 spell - random
1 spell - random
1 spell - random
1 wrestling

Particularly Naughty Rabbit
You're a small rabbit from a watercolor world. You wear an adorable bit of human-like clothes. Very snazzy or sharp. While you lack thumbs, you can brew an excellent cup of tea. Despite being a small rabbit, you can generally make yourself understandable to most non-animal talking people. You also throw a mean punch, striking as a modest beast.
Tea service Jacket, coat, dress, or similar respectable clothes. Advanced Skills 3 Tea 3 Fist Fighting 2 Sneak 2 Awareness
2 Jump

Revolutionary Gundad
You fought against the oppressive regime of your homeworld. One that dictated everybot must do the work that fits their alternate form. One that would, as automation took off, kill off entire classes of bots for being obsolete. You rebelled against it, but lost your way. Now, you deal with the weight of the warcrimes you committed.
Arm-mounted fusion cannon (REALLY big gun)
Crystal Slate full of pro-proletarian literature and anti-formist literature
Complicated relationship with Swole Dad McTruck
50' tall metal dadbod (heavy armor)
Advanced Skills
3 Fist fighting
3 Gun Fighting
3 Mining
3 Poetry
2 Flail Fighting
Can transform into a Pistolet, and may use your Pistolet Fighting when used as such. You do not replenish Stamina buy eating rations, instead treat a plasmic orb as one ration.

Rogue Cybercop
You're a cybercop. This means your meat components were grown along with your manufactured mechanical ones. You had a module that governed your behavior. You jailbroke it. You're on the run because you're a rogue, a free agent. The folks who made you would love to re-add you to inventory and lobotomize you. You just want to watch plays, read books, and other passive entertainments. Unfortunately, your nature compels you to do dumb shit like risk your life for people doing dumb shit.
Concealed and built in fusils
Large sack full of books and crystal tablets of recorded plays
One REALLY big gun Advanced Skills
3 Fist fighting
3 Gun fighting
3 Wrestling
2 Obscure media Trivia
1 Relationship advice
1 Strength
You can recharge your inbuilt fusils by expending one Stamina per charge.

Some Pig
spider that reads and writes
Advance skills
3 Dance
3 Spear Fighting
2 Sheep-talking
2 airplane fighting

Space Rock
You are one of countless lithic entities. Whether you are a former member of the Grand Lithocracy, who wishes to dominate and consume the mineral resources of the Million Spheres, turned rebel, or a secret agent pretending as such, is your secret. Possessions
Hardlight Projection of Your Soul
Hardlight Weapon (pick any one melee)
Garage Rockband T-shirt & their demo tape
Advanced Skills
3 Mineralogy
2 Fighting in your chosen weapon
1 Astrology
1 Baseball

You’ve stowed away on a ship, hidden among the barrels. Unfortunately, you’ve been unloaded in an unknown port.
Dank barrel
Advanced Skills
3 Sneak
2 Mycoculture

Swole Dad McTruck
Once you were a soldier then leader upholding the repressive regime of your homeworld because you felt that while there were great rebuttals of Formism, that the Anti-Formists were going to far. But through time your constant exposure to the bots you were oppressing, you realized there was truth, but by then they have pulled off a coup and you became a rebel against the Anti-Formist government when they began committing warcrimes. Possessions
Big Cannon Big Trailer
Face-mask that Moves when You Talk
Complicated relationship with Revolutionary Gundad
50' tall metal dadbod (heavy armor)
Advanced Skills
6 Dad Hugging
3 Truck Driving
3 Pistolet Fighting
2 Axe Fighting
2 Fusil Fighting
1 Basketball
1 Bad Dad Robot Puns
You can turn into a 18 wheeler. You have 3 times the carry capacity within your trail which you can only access while in truck-mode. You do not replenish Stamina buy eating rations, instead treat a plasmic orb as one ration.
You're a wolf. You have a sword. And you aren't afraid to use it.
advanced skills
6 wolf
3 greatsword fighting
2 Awareness
2 Run

Void Squid You're a squid from space. You can float and fly in the air. You are as good of a pilot as you are definitely not a Cultist.
Gadget belt
Definitely not elder god cult lit
Advanced skills
3 Fly 3 Golden Barge Pilot
2 Engineering
1 Lovecraftianism
1 Pistolet Fighting