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Hi! I'm excited to play Catacomb Prince and will follow-up with a proper review soon; I mostly wanted to comment because I'm amazed at how ENTICINGLY GOOD the trailer was! 

The voice for Prince Vitali was shockingly charismatic. His lines were entertaining and well-written, and the expression changes of his sprite were on-point. Video editing could have been better, I suppose, if I wanted to be very nitpicky, but the trailer nonetheless sealed the deal in convincing me to play ASAP.  (Which I would say makes the trailer a success).

I followed the link to Youtube expecting to see a couple thousand views and to leave a glowing comment on there, but was surprised to find the video was unlisted. I'm not sure why that could be, and I won't pry; I just wanted to remark on how taken I was with the concept without even touching the game. I've downloaded it and am excited to leave further feedback. :)

Thank you! The editing and the fact it's private are both a symptom of me making it in a bit of a rush; I meant to make a YouTube account for the team to reupload it publically  but didn't get around to it and, uh, plain forgot. So I'll add that back to our to-do list!

Hope you enjoy the game proper :)