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Thank you for your comment. And holy cow you streamed my game? Damn, thank you very much! I really appreciate it.

That's odd... the end screen didn't show? It was unfortunate because I actually put it there and it always appeared when I tested it... It's just a simple "You have found your 100 sheeps! Play Again?" but that's a shame that it didn't show...

EDIT: I WAS SO STUPID OF COURSE IT DIDN'T SHOW!! I forgot that Unity doesn't automatically build all the scenes and I had to set them up myself!

EDIT 2: FIXED IT! Now the ending should show for future players! Again, thank you for streaming it and alerting me of the bug!

P.S.: Try streaming other people's games that are submitted for WGJ100 this week too. I find the submission "Billy's Trip to School" a pretty fun one, and I'm pretty sure tomorrow there will be a lot more fun submissions for your viewers to watch