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I'm sorry... but no. I know that you might have wanted to make this game and all that... but you made a basic gif game. That's it. Not even a very good gif, since it's 8/16-bit. This really should have been given much more to do, but this? This isn't even alpha. This is bad. 


That's fair. I think for the game jam it was a bit too ambitious of a title to do, especially since I wasn't able to work on it the full month. This was at most a proof of concept rather than an alpha and I had planned for it to be expanded upon later but due to my hiatus, the update got pushed a lot further back than I wanted it to be. But I am still working on it and making it the game I want it to be. Personally I like pixel art and think it has some unique qualities that can really make animations pop and leave more of an impact if done right, but to each their own.