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oh, birds have abs B) anthro birds do. ripped birds. there's going to be a Sort Of ripped bird, but i think his sprite will be too small to see them.

i think that plays a lot into it!! for me, the game is a little less about telling a good story and a little more about creating the helplessness that might accompany a lot of things-- mental illness, physical disability, and just plain helplessness in the face of new things. but through all of these things, also being able to explore and enjoy things as well!!

i may include light as a gameplay element, but maybe not for gamejam!! i have a secret game mechanic i wanna see if i can make work before i try to pile more and more game mechanics in... trying to keep it simple, though i want to be complex ;v ;


I can't wait to see this bird that's Ripped. I want to make immaculate fanart of them.

Also I love!!! Games about stuff like mental disability and etc. I've had lots of ups and downs with mental heatlh. I'm able-bodied, but I have several friends who are physically disabled, and while obviously I don't know what its like, it's obvious that it's rough. Games are a really good medium for portraying that kind of experience, I think? Just in how they're inherently interactive and about putting yourself in a story. It's a good message to have for a game, and I'm excited to see it.

And honestly, that's the toughest part of projects like this. There's SO MUCH you want to do but you got to keep it realistic. However, as you get the basics down you'll become more and more powerful and soon have something super cool. A powerful game!!!!

YESS good... i hope he gets great fanart.

yeah!! helvetica's armlessness is inspired by a really good friend of mine, who portrays xirself as a one armed gryphon, and they are missing their arm in real life. stuff to reference mental illness will be drawing from myself, and many of the characters who i want to include are personifications of this.

i just want to make something that's enjoyable, and since i often feel bad about my ability to write a story, i wanted to make it very visual.