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I have some criticism, but before that, let's list the pros.

The idea of the game, dog, intentions are great. I also enjoy multiple endings and choices.

I hated the gameplay part of it and art. Story and intentions are good and stuff, but the game must still remain a game. This is just an interactive story where you choose what happens. Make the player decide more of the game than just clicking yes or no.

What i can say about the visual part of the game. If it is original, i respect it. But it looks a lot like clip art and stock photos. Like it looks like free google images. I don't have complaits about your art style and drawings, just make the art more original, you can even make it more random if you want. It just looks extremely smple. 

And, the fonts are just the most normal, not interesting, blend, and simple fonts ever. Like even comic sans would be funny. 

And animations, the game is like a single frame. There are no animations at all, except the phone shaking.

But i like what you are going for. With practice, you can do better. 

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Hi PopSoda, we did better: Check our other games out haha, this was made in a short amount of time and with extremely limited equipment at a gamejam.  The art is original - the style is mostly because we didn't even had the drawing tablet with us. 

Try Flufftopia or Intra-System: Trust Issues - they are much more polished! Sorry for the late answer. I haven't checked my dashboard for weeks now.