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the game seems to crash whenever I try to collect/pick up princess panties, sorry if this has already being fixed :)

Its probably in conjunction with something else. I have had several bugs which only occur under unknown conditions in conjunction with other states.

That won't happen in 0.16.9 and should fix itself if you load your save at least once before going for panties!

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unfortunately this problem seems to still occur in ver 0.16.9 with patch 2 installed, oh well no panty researching for me :'(

You're probably playing on an older save AND you didn't try saving and loading your game at least once, like I've said. Or is it always the same pair of panties giving you the crash?

it seems to be all panties and as for the save thing you mean save the game quit out and reload right?

I started the game over in a new save slot and it now seems to be fine