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My son has really enjoyed playing En Garde.  Unfortunately though the game no longer seems to work for us because the 'New Game' button is disabled.  Is there any way to re-enable it?  We tried removing all the game files from AppData\Local\En Garde, and then tried removing our copy and reinstalling.  Still no luck!  If you know of anything else we can try please let us know.

Hi! That's strange, we'll have a look at this and try to find what's happening. Were you able to play only once before the button got disabled? Does the button appear visually disabled (grayed out) too? Have you tried clicking with the mouse or did you use a gamepad? 
We're really glad that your son loves the game!

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Hey :) Same problem here. I downloaded a beta a long time ago, thought it was a problem due to the old version, so I got the latest one from here, "New Game" is still unavailable. Grayed out, so neither mouse or gamepad works.

(Je contribue en anglais puisque poursuivant la conversation, mais si je peux aider à trouver l'origine du problème, je précise tout de même que je suis français. ce sera peut-être plus pratique.)

I just found the issue, it's now fixed. I'm currently building a new version of the game and I'll upload it as soon as possible :) 


This is what the screen looks like for us.  The button is disabled and we can't click on it using a mouse.  My son was able to play several times before we ran into this issue.  He's also tried playing with XBox and PlayStation gamepads.


Hi! Thanks for the info! This will be fixed in the new version but currently we have a problem with corrupted data. The new version will be available in a few hours!

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The issue should be fixed now, thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience! Please download the new version of the game :)