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I love this so much? It's just like a kinder gentler afterlife, where you just get to reflect and prepare for your next iteration. I thought about this kind of stuff all the time as a kid, so it's really exciting to see a game being made out of it!!! I'm also really interested in seeing what kind of facts you decide to put in. Like they're the small ones (how many leaves you've stepped on) but then also the big ones (lifes you've saved). They're both important in different ways, though.

I really look forward to seeing the concept art for these games!!!! Are you past reincarnations just people, or do they include other forms of life too (i.e. animals, plants. etc.).

Yes exactly! How many leaves you've stepped on! People on the street who noticed you, how many left socks lost, things like that. This makes me excited to put in the specific facts. I was considering making it randomized, but I think I'd rather have really specific things to keep it pretty and close to the character.

The past reincarnations can be any living thing! The Nestle is actually a large place that has every. single. past. life, but it's simplified in game. There will be ambient bird sounds from all the birds you've been. One of the people is probably going to comment "this soul seems to like to be birds and ferns."

Thank you for the questions it really helps the brainstorming <3