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16 Miniaturized Transforming Fighter jet Pilot
Due to a space-fold mishap you've found yourself in a weird land of Zentradi and other giant creatures.
Zentradi Uniform
Transforming Fighter jet (heavy armor)
Head-mounted lasers (combined as pistolet)
Gunpod (Rotary cannon damage as a fusil. Will run out of ammo)
200 rounds (20 bursts) of gunpod ammo
1d6 missiles (as a fusil)
Flight suit in your size
Pistol in your size
Idol statue
Signed idol poster
Advanced Skills
3 Acrobatics
2 Fusil fighting
2 Pistolet fighting
2 Robot Pilot
1 Disguise
1 Fist Fighting
Your rolled stamina is also your robot's and it requires mechanical repairs to recover Stamina. Due to the unfamiliarity of its construction 2 Stamina per hour of work. Standard rations count as three for you due to size.