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Breaking these up in chunks of 36

211 Orc Lumberjack Possessions
Doublebit axe
Hatchet Whittling knife
Flannel shirt Advanced skills
4 strength
2 axe fighting
2 dad hugs
3 lumbering
2 ox care
2 flapjackery

212 Demon Barber
Whether an actual demon or merely demonic, for you'll never tell, you are member of the illustrious guild of barbers, and your epitaph is well earned for the keeness and quickness of your shaves, and your rumored dark appetites.
Straight razor
Badger Bristle Brush
Boar Bristle Brush
Advance Skills
2 Barbering
1 chirurgery
1 Cooking
2 Butchering
2 Razor Fighting
2 Barber patter
1 Singing

213 L5er
Your people dwell in massive habitats  giant trees in space. Whether or not you grew up in an actual Lagrange hab, there is a common culture. You are long, stringy, and your skin is brown to black.
Dart Gun
20 darts
Wooden Long Sword (sharp and strong as steel)
Potted Plant
Advanced Skills
2 Awareness
1 Second Sight
2 Ship Piloting
1 Horticulture
1 Mathmology
1 Sword Fighting
3 Space Fighting
1 Hold Breath

214 Space squid You're a squid from space. You can float and fly in the air. Possessions
Gadget belt
Definitely not elder god cult lit
Advanced skills
3 fly 1 pistolet fighting
2 engineering
1 piloting
1 Lovecraftianism

215 Comrade Dog
You're a dog. You're also a cosmonaut. You have no hecking idea where you are, but you're still gonna have a good time.
CCCP Cosmonaut Suit w/ bubble helmet (light armor and space worthy)
Dog Communist Literature
Cosmonaut Gun (pistolet, shotgun, fusil combo, how you can use it with paws is a mystery to everyone)
Advanced Skills
1 Spaceship Piloting
3 Awareness
2 Tail Wagging
1 Gun Fighting
2 Dog Fighting
2 Dig

216 Former Watery Tart
Times have been tough. Your homeland has changed it form of government away from divine deliverance of swords to some bullshit listening to the masses. So you've left in search of adventure or at least a new land to distribute swords. Possessions
Sparkling white dress
2d6 Dehydrated swords
A bucket
Advanced Skills
2 Swimming
1 Sword Fighting
2 Sword Catching
You can breath water and can always extend an arm to the surface of a body of water regardless of the depth.

221 Kitchen Goblin Some goblins are gross murder babies. Others are gross harbingers of civilization. You? Are an artiste. Possessions Soup pot big enough sleep in
1 gallon of cooking oil Giant whisk Meat tenderizing mallet
Greasy chefs hat
How to serve man (+1 cooking people)
Advanced skills
1 cooking
1 drinking
1 swimming
3 dumpster diving
1 mallet fighting
2 omleteering
3 salting
6 goblin