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Hi Adam,

Thanks for updating the game & also letting me know about the specific bugs you have fixed.

Upon boot up of the new update I noticed a lot of visual changes and also the gamma has been improved a lot also. Visual prompts are now there & some of the environments are different. The game also runs alot smoother also, so some optimisation has clearly been made.

Well done!

I have supported you by donating some money as I really feel you are working on something very important here & it has so much potential.

I loved the interactive teaser part at the end about the 22nd june update. Very cool & original. 

I made a part 2 of the video. Hope you enjoy & keep up the good work.



Thank you very much Aaron!
I am working on this really hard, and it means a lot to hear your thoughts.

I'm going to print out your comment, and put it on my wall :)

Many thanks again!

Adam Dubi

Eagerly awaiting june 22nd! Let me know if there is anything else I can do to support!