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because god failed to look you in the eyes and deem you worthy. i hope you dont see actual transwomen as 'femboys' and i hope when you try to present yourself in a way you like, people will treat you if not, just as worse. i hope you have a good day.


I'm not saying trans women are femboys?


They're...not trans. It would be nice if they were ig, but the characters are CLEARLY under the "Otoko no ko" category. Men who have feminine gender expression. Not trans, not nonbinary. Just, cis dudes who like to be called she/her and to dress in a feminine way.

Stop attacking people when u dont even understand the genre of the game YOU clicked on, lmao


usually i'd type up a response telling you to go kill yourself but we all have standards and i don't want them to be as low as yours




the characters in this game aren't transwomen and the developer refers to them as men in the product description


God made them fearfully and wonderfully so, you sound like you do not know God