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Please add a sprint button! The challenge seen in the last screenshot is too hard without the ability to be fast!

Can you calm down on the flashing lights in the game over screen? It could give people seizures!

You're supposed to go downwards! If you try to go down at the beginning of the game, the ghost would refuse.

If this is how you respond to a genuine question, I'm not sure how you're even able to function offline.

spink community · Created a new topic What happened here?

I was playing the web version, by the way.

Not bad! However, I did find it to be easy to get out of bounds at one point, because I could jump to the side of a wall and get out.

I think so!

You misspelt understand in the ending.

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Pretty major issue I found: when right-clicking after I got the recoil jump ability and then used it for the first time, I couldn't get it to work again!

EDIT: Ignore this message, it turned out that I need to go look to see if there's a red gem near my ammo and... bar? However, there is another problem, in which whenever I die starting from the first time I got a power-up, it visually gets removed until I crouch and stand up again.

EDIT: Also, I walked into some spikes while recoil jumping and became unable to move left and right without recoil jumping in that direction.

What's with these unfitting tags?

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I can't attack, even though I keep pressing the X button!

I'm not sure how to pass to the next page...

So that means I could grind for flowers?

Played on the web.

Holy cow, I love how this page looks!

What I don't like, however, is when I get randomly damaged by a doorway...

I have a few issues:

  1. The counter for the yellow flowers doesn't restart when I die.
  2. The game keeps freezing for a few seconds at certain parts of the game. I think it's the level loading?

The Chili and Cacao icons were switched around, for some reason.


I found it!

Any hints as to where it is?

I got every ending and all of the documents! (Well, except for the 9th one.)

I forgot to tell you this, but the ending is untranslated.

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I also found a bug where quitting to the title screen after collecting one of the silver keys (the one where I had to collect pink stuff) automatically spawns in a silver key before I collected the pink stuff. This means that I could grind for silver keys this way.

I got stuck in this ledge...

Why are there two Emma Prestons?

I like how you play as Kwite here!

You misspelt weight-gain in the tags.

What happened to _____ Tower?

On Firefox, I'm unable to go beyond floor 9!

Somehow, I already got a score despite me not playing the game beforehand?

Pregnancy porn content farm /hj

Well, there's this.

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Perhaps you should finish the game before publishing it? Or at least remove the very obvious debug menus?



You also forgot to mark this as adult in metadata.

You forgot to mark this as adult in metadata!

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Is this literally just BASICS but Pizza Tower?

EDIT: No, wait, wrong creepypasta! It's actually MARIO.

I found an error in which Taylor's chatlogs change their name to Felix's. Cropped to avoid spoilers.

Quick correction: there's text that says "Left click to rotate the item", when it should read "Right click to rotate the item"!

Can you make it so that W and the up arrow also makes the player character jump?