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Gosh, this game was such a delight to play! Even the bad ends were incredibly fun to find and read, and I spent a good chunk of my time finding them all out. The other endings were amazing too, and they all left me grinning by the end of it. The atmosphere was a perfect balance of comedy and immersive story-telling, and as someone who has only watched campaigns on Youtube, you gave me the experience of playing a tabletop myself! Thank you so much for that. :> I can't wait to see Dan have his own route in your next game. I'm definitely looking forward to more <3 Rooting for you!


The bad ends were a lot fun for me write, so I’m happy they’ve been so well received! I’m glad you’re looking forward to the next game. Here’s to hoping I can get the first chapter/episode done by my self-imposed deadline of August!

Thanks for playing!